AKRWA 2023 Midnight Sun Cover Contest

Chapter: AKRWA 2023 Midnight Sun Cover Contest

Enter this published author contest today!

Midnight Sun Cover Contest

Do you have a stellar cover that catches the eye and draws the reader in? The Midnight Sun Cover Contest
2023, sponsored by Alaska Romance Writers of America, is a chance for published authors (digital and print) to win some great prizes! Even better, every entry will be on display to over 150 voracious readers at the 2023 AWG Writer’s Conference who will vote for the top entries! (And perhaps buy your books!)


Any author can enter their book cover for a romance novel, novella, or short story published prior to August 30, 2023, either electronically or in print, in the United States for the first time. At this time we are unable to accept covers created with generative AI. We will consider a separate category for this in the future.


Step 1: Register for the contest between August 1, 2023 and August 31, 2023. (If you are a RWA member, use your RWA login. If you are not an RWA member, you may create a login.) 
Step 2: Pay entrance fee ($15 per entry)
Step 3: In an email to 
[email protected], attach your book cover in digital format (JPEG format with 300 dpi or greater).


Entries are accepted between August 1, 2023 and September 8, 2023 only. The deadline for submissions is midnight (Alaska Standard Time) on August 31, 2023.


All entries will be placed on prominent display in printed format at the Alaska Writer’s Guild (AWG) 2023 conference, co-sponsored by AKRWA. Conference attendees and presenters (approximately 150) will select first-round entries via ballot box.


Trained judges will select the top winner from the top ten entries selected at the conference. Final judging will occur in October, with the winner announced in late October or early November. Honorable Mentions: This contest seeks a single, most compelling cover; however, Honorable Mentions may be awarded.


Finalist and Honorable Mention covers will be published on the AKRWA website with the Finalist cover receiving prime location. In addition, the Finalist will receive an electronic badge that can be placed on book covers, websites, or anywhere the winner deems appropriate and a $25 cash prize.


  1. Register and pay the $15 entrance fee.
  2. Email cover submission to [email protected].


  • One digital copy of the book cover in jpeg format at 300 dpi or more.
  • Author name (pen name) in body of email.
  • Paypal name (if different than pen name) in body of email.
  • Title of the published novel in body of email.


  1. Submissions are limited to book published prior to August 31, 2023
  2. Register and pay the $15 entrance fee.
  3. Email cover submission to [email protected] (See Submission Guidelines).
  4. Writers can submit multiple entries, but each entry must be submitted separately.
  5. Submissions without payment will not be considered.


For more information, please email the contest coordinator at [email protected].


Alaska Chapter of RWA maintains no responsibility for the final judging process and considers the grand prize selection to be final and permanent.

By entering the contest, you agree that you (the entrant) have read the rules of the Alaska Romance Writers of America (AKRWA)
2023 Midnight Sun Cover Contest for published books (digital or paper). You understand and agree to abide by those stated rules. You also understand and agree that any questions regarding the interpretation of the official rules and any matters relating to the 2023 Midnight Sun Cover Contest not covered by the official rules will be decided by the contest officials. You will accept as final the decision of the contest officials in any such matter. You also accept that judging is subjective by nature. You will accept and abide by the decisions of any judges and/or contest officials regarding winners for this contest. By entering this contest, you accept as reasonable the statements made above and you acknowledge understanding and acceptance of the rules. You accept that the AKRWA, contest officials, and the contest judges are relying on the truth and sincerity of my statements. You also state that the submission is a complete and published work of your own. In the event that you place in this contest, you agree to allow your entry title, cover graphic and/or name to be publicized by AKRWA and AWG. By entering this contest, you are agreeing that you have full rights to submit this cover to the contest
and to the best of your knowledge your submitted cover was not created using generative AI.

This contest is sponsored by the Alaska Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

8/1/2023 - 9/8/2023


Tuesday, 01 August 2023

8/1/2023 - 9/8/2023

8/1/2023 - 9/8/2023

8/1/2023 - 9/8/2023

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